sundry goods


We carry a range of sundry goods of interest to any gardener or
anyone planting trees, shrubs, etc. or looking after plants.

  • A large range of plant Containers including ceramic pots and oak barrels as well as plastic pots and containers, including some which can be used for water features.

  • Compost from a number of suppliers and of various types, such as John Innes, Seed and Potting, Brown Gold, Tree and Shrub, various Multi Purpose composts including Organic Gold and Peat Free compost, Grow Bags as well as bags of sterilised Farm Yard Manure and Top Soil.

  • Ground Cover Fabric to be used as a weed control barrier when planting, bags of Bark Mulch and Decorative Chippings / Stones.

  • Tree support Stakes and Tying Materials, various types of Trellis and Bamboo Canes, Windbreak and Plant Support Netting.

  • Weed and Pest Control chemicals.

  • Protection materials such as Windbreak - Bird Netting, Fleece and Spiral Guards.

  • A range of Plant Fertilisers and growth promoters. Also Lawn Food.

  • Wild Birds Foods Feeders and Nest boxes.

  • Planting Tools and a basic range of hand tools and various other sundries.

  • Gift Vouchers, always a welcome present, no time limit.